“I have been a patient of Cristy’s for less than 6 months and I am so impressed by the quality of her treatment. I am 27 years old and was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis. I have seen many massage therapists throughout the years, as I am constantly dealing with stiffness and pain when I have flare-ups. When Cristy started working with me, I knew that I would be getting a different kind of treatment. She is extremely knowledgeable and made it clear from my first appointment that she is not just there to give you an hour massage and send you on your way. She gave me stretches to help with my condition, discussed exercises to help with posture, and mostly importantly the confidence that together we were going to work to make improvements with my pain. She is so passionate about helping people and genuinely enjoys what she is doing and is constantly looking to expand her knowledge. From the short time that I have been her patient, I have noticed great improvements. I am now going months at a time without flare-ups where as before they were happening every week. I highly recommend Cristy for anyone with chronic pain. You will not be disappointed!
Thank you Cristy!”
– Kristen Greenshields

“Cristy is an amazing massage therapist. It is incredible to have a massage therapist working on you who is genuinely interested in how your body works and yet she is also extremely personable with a great sense of humour. I started seeing Cristy by chance and quickly realized that I had struck gold. She has worked wonders for my jaw pain and I discovered an extra amazing side effect of reduced anxiety in general. I’m so glad I found her!”
– Laura Stouffer

“I have tried many different therapies and methods to address headaches, chronic neck pain and plantar fasciitis. I can say with confidence that Cristy is the most gifted RMT/ KMI therapist that I have encountered. Her ‘whole body’ approach addressed the chronic pain that I had been suffering from for at least decade. I feel better than I have in years, and my body is completely transformed from the inside out. And while professionally talented and extremely knowledgeable, she is also a joy to work with. The people of Winnipeg are going to love her!”
– Rebecca L.

“Cristy Harper works on my shoulders, neck, and back to help alleviate my pain and numbness. She also helped me with the cramping in my calf muscles on many occasions. The debilitating pain that wakes me out of bed at night is completely gone!”
– George Gifford

“Cristy Harper and Optimum Wellness has helped this weekend warrior stay on the ball fields all year round. I appreciate all the hard work its taken to work though my injuries. Thank You Cristy You Rock!”
– Patty Gostick

“Cristy makes you want to be more knowledgable about your body – her enthusiasm for health and wellness is contagious! The structural integration approach Cristy uses is extremely effective and incorporates a whole body approach rather than simply focusing in on the ‘problem’. It has been a pleasure working alongside Cristy and I am looking forward to learning as much as I can from her!”
– Katherine Hudgins, RMT

“I started seeing Cristi about 7 years ago when I was pregnant and have not stopped going to her for relief since. I saw her every week before giving birth. She was a main factor in making me comfortable throughout the remainder of my pregnancy and continues to still do so. She is very knowledgeable as well as passionate about what she does, continually looking to learn and discover exciting ways to treat the human mind and body. No other person has matched my need for massage that works. I do not hesitate to state that Cristi is one of the best massage/body treatment practitioners I have encountered.”
– Carmel Chamberlain

“Cristy Harper is one of the best Registered Massage Therapist of our time. She is extremely personable and knowledgeable in her field. I had began seeing Cristy about a month ago due to a motor vehicle accident, causing lower back pain. With the help of Dr. Lisa we had located all of my problem areas. My whole body wasn’t aligned properly causing awful posture and unwanted discomfort. Through full body realignment and deep tissue massage i am now able to get back into doing activities that i wouldn’t have been able to complete previous to seeing Cristy.

It is always such a delight, for she portrays such a relaxing and positive environment for people to heal. She takes much interest in her clients lives and will always put them first. The enthusiasm and pride she takes in her job is truly inspirational, creating a positive and safe atmosphere. I am so grateful for the work Cristy has done and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a massage. Whether injury had brought you to her or simply in need of a life changing massage, Cristy is the one to see!

Thank you so much for keeping me mobile, i could not have done it without you!”
– Amanda Zinn-White

“Cristy Harper was instrumental in my recovery from an illness that resulted in multiple surgeries and left me with a drop foot and scars from over 300 staples and sutures. Cristy’s treatments helped release the stiffness caused by scar tissue and increase mobility in my leg. She is professional yet friendly and her treatment plans are thorough and innovative. Winnipeg has a real treasure in their midst!!!”
– Wendy Lubinich

“There isn’t enough good things to say about Cristy. I suffered from a really painful shoulder and had no strength or range of movement but Cristy did wonders with it and I feel completely normal again. Massage is one thing but to be educated and kept advised as to what she sees and feels inside the muscle is incredible. This knowledge helped to keep me focused on treatment and I am better for it.”
– Chris S

“Cristy has been treating me for almost 7 years, long before she married my grandson! She is a very special person in what she does. I am now 82 years old, I have arthritis and sciatica. She has always listened to my issues, she is very adept at getting to the cause of the issue (she has even come to my house on two occasions when I wasn’t able to lift myself out of bed), she has given me much advice on how to maintain my health and mobility, my quality of life has definitely been improved with her caring and thorough approach. I recommend her to my elderly friends because she has the experience of working at a seniors home. Thanks so much Cristy”
– Vivian Patricia

“From deep tissue massage to getting perfect posture, Cristy Harper is the best of the best.
Usually, having sports related injuries and not being able to do everything the way I used to would suck, but with Cristy it was fun and an enjoyment to visit her. She kept my spirits up in times of struggle. Her interest in her clients lives is amazing; you can truly tell she loves her job! Not only does she make your visit a welcome and warm environment, she massages out your back, legs, arms(… you name it!) like you wouldn’t believe. She is an inspiring and determined lady with a humble, open, and welcoming positive attitude for all. Her hands are literally magic. If you’re looking for relief for any body part – injury related or not, or just a simple massage (as well as a good laugh during your appointments!) – Cristy Harper is your definitely your gal!”
– Kayleigh Robertson

“I have been going to Cristy since she first graduated from RMT School. I have had many issues from a couple different ball injuries, sciatic nerve, and car accident to issues that come from working at a desk all day. I have gone in to see her on so many occasions, unable to turn my head, hardly able to walk and I have always left the appointment with full mobility. Her passion to figure out what’s creating the problem and fixing it makes her so good at what she does. She genuinely cares for the well-being of her patients and takes a genuine interest on what’s going on in their world. I keep her business cards in my wallet and have handed them out on many occasions. On the few occasions I have tried another RMT no one has held a candle to Cristy.”
– Jenn Roberts

“Cristy Harper is an excellent Registered Massage Therapist. Extremely knowledgeable and has a real passion for her work and people. I go to her every time I’m in need of a good “fix” and highly recommend her to everyone I know! The treatments Cristy provided me always have the perfect amount of pressure and I leave feeling fantastic. This is a RMT that knows her stuff, has great bedside manner and is an all around great person. If your not already going here, you should!”
– Sara Bacic

“It was a sad day when I learned that Cristy was leaving Victoria and heading to Ontario, now she’s headed to Winnipeg to share herself once again! I have been seeing Cristy since 2007 for Massage and Structural Integration. Cristy has put my muscles back in their appropriate place a few times. She is magic in her trade and if you’re looking to have exceptional body work and you live in Barrie Ontario (or willing to drive there), you need to book an appointment and see for yourself. She truly is an amazing massage therapist.”
– Janie Snyders

“Christy Harper Victoria misses you!! More importantly my body misses you. I have been going to RMTs on and off for years. My mom and sister first started going to Christy a couple years back they raved about her abilities but I was hesitant … how much better could she be? They are all the same right?!!? WRONG.
I finally made an to see her and it was the best thing I could have done. Christy’s passion for what she does is incredible and her abilities and techniques go far beyond her passion! I truly felt different (better) after my first visit. I could not believe the strength has, she got in to spots that I didn’t even know existed. Truly one of the best RMTs out there…..”
– Laura S

“Barrie is lucky to have such a great registered massage therapist! Cristy is one of the most dedicated and enthusiastic therapists I have ever worked with. I went to her with foot pain and residual knee pain from pronation and am elated with the structural integration therapy treatment I received. This unique and innovative therapy awakened muscles in my feet and I began to feel positive results immediately. I decided to complete a 12 session series to help awaken all fascial tissues throughout my body and have never felt more aware of my posture and how I move. I’m excited to move forward and am so grateful to Cristy. I recommend her to anyone looking for a skilled, knowledgeable and personable RMT.”
– Melissa Rutledge

“I found Cristy after a long weekend tournament of lacrosse, and she helped restore my body to wholeness. I was so happy to have found such a great RMT, and from that point on, she was my only RMT! Her depth of knowledge and focus on structural alignment are great assets. In addition, she is a fabulous person. : )”
– Catherine Brennan

“I visited Cristy for my motor vehicle accident, and she was so kind every step of the way, she knew when to push me and how to push me to get the best results for me and my body. From massage therapy to myofascial release, she knew what path was best for me. I love her personalized approach. I wasn’t just an injury, I was a person, with unique needs. Cristy is very warm and personable and takes an active interest in her patients. She remembers personal details about them and really makes them feel like matter and that their health matters to her. To this day I still practice many techniques she has taught me at home. I am overjoyed with the progress I made while working with Cristy, without her I am sure I would still have daily migraines and be a hunch back.”
– Carrie Ferguson

“Cristy Harper is truly one of a kind. Her extensive training and personal dedication to exercise feeds her passion to source the root of your discomfort. Besides being highly skilled, Cristy is an absolute delight!”
– Maureen Fontaine

“Awesome! PROFESSIONAL! Great RMT. Cristy Harper is an excellent Massage Therapist in Barrie!”
– Ed Mah

“I am a runner who first went to see Cristy during a traumatic personal loss. She promoted a mind and body connection in treating me which was especially critical to me at the time. Her intuition seemed almost as if she could actually see beneath my skin! She was able to find and treat problem areas of my body that not only greatly improved my physical performance but improved my mental health. Her positive attitude and comprehensive knowledge are impressive. Cristy has my highest regard as a health care provider.”
– Gizelle Grant

“Cristy is a dedicated and knowledgeable massage therapist.
I highly recommend her.”
– David Kunashko