Pain Relief, Kingston, ON

We are here to help you overcome regular pain and discomfort with our customizable and patient-centred pain relief solutions in Kingston, ON.

Pain ReliefIf you live with chronic pain, waking up and getting your normal daily activities started every day may be a constant struggle. At Harper Kinetics, we are here to help you overcome this regular discomfort with our customizable and patient-centred pain relief solutions.

Some of our different services designed specifically for pain relief include chiropractic care, massage therapy, structural integration, custom orthotics, and headache treatments. When you turn to us for help overcoming your chronic pain, we will carefully consult with you to tailor a treatment plan that focuses solely on your individual needs.

In addition to one or a combination of the different pain relief solutions we provide, we may also recommend the use of some of our products to help you mitigate or completely diminish your pain in a natural way. Some of the different products we offer are from brands like Core Products International, Inc., Thermophore, BioFreeze, and Motion Medicine. As with all our services, we will thoroughly consult with you to understand your needs before we suggest the implementation of one of these pain relief products into your treatment plan.

At Harper Kinetics, our office in Kingston, ON is dedicated to your health and wants to help you overcome your discomfort in an environment that is focused on your wellbeing. We are confident that you can benefit from the approach we take to pain relief and look forward to meeting with you. To schedule an appointment with our office or to find out more about our services, don’t hesitate to give us a call.