Cristy Harper RMT, ATSI, BCSI, Ac

Cristy Harper has been studying massage therapy since 2003, and continues to advance her skills and training.

Cristy Harper & Associates

Cristy began to study massage therapy in September 2003. She quickly realized that she had a deep passion for anatomy and kinesiology and graduated at the top of her class from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy, in December 2006.

Cristy’s educational journey has gradually evolved into a life changing inquiry of the incredible human potential. Since 2003, Cristy Harper has been studying anatomy, physiology, kinetics, and the divine and intricate relationship that exists within our bodies. She has taken a rather specific interest in understanding the relationships between the muscles, bones, nerves, and fascia, and has continued to be mystified by the inter-relationships that exist.

Cristy has completed 2 Human Anatomy pro-sections where she participated in a human dissection anatomy review and was able to see firsthand the muscles and connective tissue that she works with on a daily basis. Following this, she joined Thomas Myers in Tempe Arizona for a 5 day full body dissection where she was be able to participate and explore the amazing human body. Cristy feels as though this was a remarkable and invaluable experience that she will never forget. This opportunity has given her a 3 dimensional visual of the neurological, musculo-skeletal, visceral, and myofascial systems that will further improve her ability to assess and treat the body.

In June 2016, Cristy successfully completed the Neuro-functional Acupuncture course at McMaster University. This 300 hour program allows Cristy to incorporate electro-acupuncture into her regular massage therapy treatments. She is excited to share this new and exciting modality with her clients in Kingston, ON.

Recently, Cristy returned to Maine to attend the Anatomy trains teacher training. As of November 2017 Cristy began the process of becoming a certified Anatomy Trains instructor. Now certified to teach for Anatomy Trains, Cristy has been travelling the world assisting and teaching alongside the USA & Australia/New Zealand faculty. Cristy is elated to be home teaching in Canada, and looks forward to continuing to bring the Anatomy Trains courses and structural integration trainings home.

“Collectively, I have spent over 4000 hours training, yet this is only the beginning of my educational endeavours. I look forward to the next 20 years of study and to the opportunities and experiences that will shape my clinical practice.”